About Us

NJDeDecker Services LLC was started by Norman J DeDecker, a well known business owner in the Village of Warren, and Metro Detroit area. He started his company at the remarkable young age of 12. He would walk around his neighborhood with a small lawnmower and broom asking if he could trade his services for a little bit of money. He was able to save enough to buy commercial equipment by the age of 16. Still worrying about school he saved his remaining revenue to pay for his education at a four year University to earn his business management degree

Norm's main focus since then hasn't changed; it is to have 100% customer satisfaction. For him, there’s nothing worse than hearing a complaint, so at NJD Services LLC we don't let anyone have things to complain about. In the rare occasion that a complaint happens, the problem will be fixed the same day.

NJDeDecker Services LLC is a fully insured and are registered with the state of Michigan. We focus on the customer’s needs, so we can offer the best prices for the best work. We are not the "cheapest" but we do offer the best value in the Detroit area. We have very presentable employees and vehicles that will not only provide sufficient service but will also make your place of business or household presentable as well.